How Long do Yeast Infections Last?

Hi All, Jane here again, attempting to answer one of the most common questions from a yeast infection sufferer , “How long do yeast infections last?” Seeing as you probably found this page by typing how long do yeast infections last I will not go into the boring details of explaining what a yeast infection is. By all likelihood you have a yeast infection and are wondering the time span involved to clear it up. Please read my other blog post regarding “Will A Yeast Infection Go Away On Its Own” if you are not using any over the counter or prescribed medication or home remedies as it details the likelihood of your yeast infection receding without any treatment.

In my own experience as a yeast infection sufferer I cleared a yeast infection of the genital area using topical creams prescribed by a doctor within 2 days of application. However I have had more severe bouts of yeast infections which also spread into my psoriasis skin condition which was more difficult to shift. The reason being catch 22. Let me explain. Doctors prescribe steroid cream to clear the psoriasis, but the overuse of steroids then caused a yeast infection in the psoriasis lesions. This lead to unbelievably painful skin that I now couldn’t treat topically with a cream.

It was then I decided to do some research to try and cure my yeast infection naturally and I finally decided to read Linda Allens ebook and yeast infection natural treatment course “Yeast Infection No More” after reading some good reviews online. Within a few days the pain in my skin had improved so that showers didn’t hurt anymore and within 2 weeks the yeast infection had cleared. Not only this but my psoriasis fully cleared up 6 weeks later through following a yeast free diet.

Below I have added some more general information regarding how long do yeast infections last. The truth is that the answer depends on a few different factors as everyone’s story is different.

How Long Do Yeast Infections Last Depends on Severity of the Yeast Infection

Part of the reason why the question of “How long do yeast infections last” is such a hard one to answer is that there are different levels of severity for each person. Some yeast infections will be relatively moderate and only be characterized by a mild form of some of the symptoms. Some people will only experience moderate itching or burning without any of the tell tale signs of an infection. Other people will be suffering from a serious case of Candidiasis and will experience intense symptoms. The answer to the question of how long do yeast infections last is really dependent upon the severity of the infection, among other factors.

Method of treatment

The method of treating the infection also plays into the answer to the question of “how long do yeastinfections last”. There are a variety of treatments available both over the counter and from a doctor.These treatments will vary in effectiveness. Some of these will only treat the symptoms and do littleto nothing for curing the real problem. There are also some products which have been known to cause some rather negative side effects and can even make the problem worse. The best way to treat a yeast infection is through natural means.

how long do yeast infections last

Early detection

Another aspect that factors into the answer to the question of “how long do yeast infections last” is how early the infection was detected. Some people will experience irritation, itching or burning for a long time before they ever get it diagnosed. Some people have been known to suffer from a yeast infection for weeks, or even months, before they began any form of treatment. Since a yeast infection can easily grow into a serious problem, it’s important to begin treatment as soon as possible. The longer you have had a yeast infection, the longer it will take to clear up so you must be prepared for that event.

How Long do Yeast Infections Last Summary

Anyone who has ever suffered from Candidiasis has asked the question “How long do yeast infections last?” The truth is that this can be a hard question to answer. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into account such as the severity of the infection, the method of treatment and how early the infection was diagnosed. Most yeast infections will last from a few days to a week, a month. Then most depressing part about yeast infections is that if you do not treat it effectively it will always reoccur, sometimes harsher and for more prolonged periods than earlier episodes.  There are a number of different treatment methods which can help alleviate the symptoms of a yeast infection within a few hours to a day but they don’t do much to cure the infection.  You must treat a yeast infection from the inside out and not from quick fix over the counter methods. This is the only guaranteed way to rid yourself of the yeast infection once and for all. So the answer to the question of “How long do yeast infections last” is “Not long if you catch it early and use an effective treatment method.”

How Can I Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection And Feel Great Again?

For a proven clinically tested natural way to kill Candida and yeast infections visit Yeast Infection No More website now. Yeast Infection No More Program is a step by step 100% natural plan to rid yourself of yeast infections for good. It will show you exactly how you can save money by using simple household products to eliminate your yeast infection in less time than you thought possible.

Testimonials of Yeast Infection No More 5 step holistic program

“The results were almost instantaneous. In less than 7 hours, I felt a tremendous relief. Two weeks later and I became completely free from the unbearable vaginal itching, burning, swelling and discharge. Using your methods, I have kept my chronic yeast infection at bay ever since….”
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“The non-stop vaginal itching and burning have stopped. My skin looks significantly better and I slowly got rid of the psoriasis on my right elbow ”
Karen Siegler, Age 45 (Ramat Gan, Israel)

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“I used to be slightly overweight and suffered from digestive problems (including leaky gut syndrome), blurred vision and fatigue… I have been on your system for four weeks…and I feel so alive and in control for the first time in my life!!!”
Dave Rasmussen, Age 34 (Melbourne, Australia)

P.S.- Benefits of the Yeast Infection No More Program

  • Eradicate excessive Candida yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract
  • Be completely free from vaginal, male or oral yeast infections
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  • Enhance digestive and intestinal health
  • Regain lost energy caused by Candida yeast overgrowth
  • End food allergies and digestive disorders like bloating, acid reflux and LGS
  • Fight depression, mood swings and anxiety related to yeast overgrowth
  • Be completely free from migraines, blurred vision and headaches
  • Eliminate muscle aches, joint pain and fatigue
  • Feel lighter, healthier and more energetic.
  • Experience enhanced elimination, thicker hair and healthier skin and nails
  • Have increased mental clarity, enthusiasm and vitality.
  • One of the very best benefits of the Yeast Infection No More Program  is a simple and shockingly easy 12 hour treatment to eliminate the on the surface symptoms of yeast infection that works almost like magic.

P.S. – Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yeast Infection No more has a  risk free 60 day money back guarantee. They are so confident that they will eliminate your yeast infection for good that if your yeast infection is not gone withing 60 days you can request a no questions asked money back guarantee.

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